eMeta Unveils eRights Suite

Mar 28, 2003

eMeta Corporation, a provider of enterprise software for digital assets and services, has announced the availability of the eRights Suite. Building on the foundation of its predecessor, eRights, the eRights Suite provides the infrastructure, applications, and insight necessary to secure and sell digital assets and services. The new Suite enables enterprises to create, control, and commercialize digital offerings that are synchronized to specific business needs and models, assets and audiences. The eRights Suite is composed of three products: RightAccess 3.0, RightCommerce 3.0, and RightServices 1.0.

RightAccess 3.0--The access control engine of the eRights Suite, RightAccess provides the infrastructure necessary to protect and manage access to digital assets and services. Offering authentication and authorization, delegated administration, and metadirectory features, RightAccess enables enterprises to control who can access information and services under which terms. Supporting a resource tree, rich user and group inheritance rules, exclusion sets and embargoes, a dynamic expression language throughout all subsystems, and an object-oriented API, RightAccess is an access control system for complex digital assets.

RightCommerce 3.0--The commerce engine of the eRights Suite, RightCommerce contains the set of packaging, pricing, customer care, billing, and payment applications necessary for commercializing digital assets and services. RightCommerce contains marketing mechanisms such as gift subscriptions, cross-licensing, and dynamic pricing.

RightServices 1.0--RightServices provides a solution for the protection and commercialization of software assets developed and published as Web services. Optimized for the commercialization of non-traditional online assets such as software services and software code, RightServices enables enterprises to realize the full value of proprietary software and processes.

All products within the eRights Suite can be integrated with other software solutions and enable the customization of end-user interfaces for incorporation within the surrounding environment. For example, RightCommerce may be integrated with CM, CRM, and DRM systems to create an end-to-end asset and service distribution system across the enterprise.