eMeta Releases Enhanced eRights Suite

Mar 28, 2006

eMeta, a division of Macrovision Corporation, has announced a new release of its eRights Suite offering that is designed to help businesses license and monetize their digital content and services.

eMeta is delivering eRights Suite version 4.0, which includes a new solution, RightCare, as well as enhancements to its two products, RightAccess and RightCommerce. RightCare, Right Access and RightCommerce have been developed and enhanced to put more control in the hands of business users. The RightCare solution can help administrators manage customer accounts. With RightCare, companies can now: manage accounts with task-based controls; preview account changes with a new preview pane before making the changes official, and enable different staff within an organization (e.g., customer service, sales, marketing, and end users) to create, view, edit, and delete only data that is relevant to their specific job function and business unit. The RightCommerce application allows companies to implement pricing models, including pay-per-view, bundles, and subscriptions. Users can target customers with free trials, discounts, and gift subscriptions, while increasing support for add-on purchases with promotions and targeted pricing. The RightAccess application is designed to improve the process by which consumers access a company's online offerings by giving companies control over who accesses what digital product and in which manner the access is granted. The new features and functionalities include: Roaming Access; Bookshelf Licenses; Federated Authentication; User-Level Configurability; and Advanced Request Throttling.

The eRights Suite 4.0 is augmented by the eRights Expression Language (eEL). The eEL supports additional business models and licensing strategies. eRights Suite V4.0 is currently available both as an installed or hosted (ASP) solution and is compliant with industry standards.