eMeta Offers eRights Suite as Managed Service

Aug 15, 2003

eMeta Corporation has launched eRightsWEB, a secure hosted version of its eRights Suite, in an effort to offer  the content protection and commercialization features of the eRights Suite through an application service provider (ASP) model at a low cost of entry. eRightsWEB enables publishers to use and profit from the content commercialization software.

With eRightsWEB, publishers can create, control, and commercialize Web-based content securely and profitably. As a managed solution, eRightsWEB is fast to deploy, requires little initial capital outlay, and supports many business models including subscriptions, pay-per-view, pay-per-click, gifts, free trials, micropayments, promotions, and special offers.

eRightsWEB is designed to allow publishers to own and manage their content, customer experience, and data. eRightsWEB's customer-facing pages are customizable to mirror the publisher's site navigation and "look and feel." Minimal changes are required to a publisher's systems, as content continues to reside on its Web servers.