eMeta Enhances eRightsWEB

Apr 29, 2005

eMeta Corporation, a provider of access control, subscription management, and commerce software, has announced an enhancement to eRightsWEB, eMeta's managed software suite deigned to provide software and media companies with the tools to monetize their digital assets. In addition to on-demand and subscription capabilities, eRightsWEB now enables telco, or utility, pricing and billing.

Similar to the business model employed by telecommunications and utility companies, pricing and billing can now be based on usage of whatever digital good or service is being sold. End users can be restricted or guided by a usage plan, similar to the "calling plans" offered by phone companies. For example, an enterprise software company may want to offer a licensing option based on total company usage in a given period, by specific user time limits in a given period, or even by a combination of both terms.

eRightsWEB is the hosted version of eMeta's flagship eRights Suite. The eRights Suite allows software companies, and content and service providers to develop granular product offerings and implement diverse revenue models. RightAccess, the access control module within eRights, centralizes customer data, authenticates and authorizes users, and enables registration. RightCommerce provides the ecommerce and billing functionality within eRights. The eRights Suite, available both as an installed or hosted (ASP) solution, allows organizations to control and commercialize their digital assets while collecting customer data and offering customer care.