eBooks Integrated into Sirsi System

Aug 31, 2004


Sirsi Corporation and eBook-provider BWI have announced the integration of Sirsi's Unicorn Library Management System and online public access catalog (OPAC) solutions. The result is that library users can search for and download BWI's eBooks directly through Sirsi's iBistro, iLink, or Web2 OPACs, just as they search for and retrieve information about on-shelf materials. Library users can search specifically for works available in eBook format or they can search for eBooks and bound books at the same time. Once users discover eBooks in the OPAC, they can check them out, download them for reading, and rely on the Sirsi-BWI system to automatically check them back in once the loan period has ended. And because eBooks are fully integrated into the library's current Sirsi system, policies set in Unicorn govern how eBooks are circulated; how library user information is associated with eBooks; and how circulation statistics and reports are generated for eBooks, just as they are for more traditional circulating materials. This new capability for BWI eBooks, as well as for other vendors' eBooks, is expected to be available from Sirsi in the fourth quarter of 2004.