e-Spirit Launches FirstSpirit AppCenter

Feb 01, 2011


e-Spirit will present its AppCenter for its CMS, FirstSpirit, at CeBIT 2011 in Germany from March 1 to 5. The AppCenter supports interface integration of virtually all web applications whether from cloud and SaaS (software as a service) environments or from the desktop directly into the CMS.

With the AppCenter, applications that were previously used separately are now available in FirstSpirit with the accustomed interface and functionality and can be used directly in the CMS. No need to switch between many different programs in order to transfer content from other applications to the CMS or to conduct information research, making the editing processes faster and more efficient.

The AppCenter provides the infrastructure for the integration of all types of web applications. The FirstSpirit functionality allows editors to use key programs they are accustomed to directly in the FirstSpirit JavaClient rather than outside the CMS. Examples include online image databases, image editing, video, geolocation and web analysis services, encyclopedias, and office programs.

Text, images, audio and video files, road maps, and product information can be processed in the FirstSpirit editor interface, regardless of the source and with media continuity. Prior to deployment, the layout in various output channels can be verified in the WYSIWYG preview.