e-Spirit Launches Corporate Content Cloud Initiative

Jul 16, 2015


e-Spirit Inc., a supplier of content management solutions, unveiled the Corporate Content Cloud initiative to help organizations achieve true digital transformation by using content more effectively and consistently to improve the customer experience across all touch points and throughout the entire customer journey. Components of the initiative include on-site planning sessions, the content engine, and technical support for building a Corporate Content Cloud along with integration resources and future proof integration technologies.

According to Gartner, a digital commerce site can now average more than 15 integration points across ERP, order management, web content management, digital marketing, payment processing, logistics and warehousing, analytics, and other systems. This complexity makes it virtually impossible for team members to reach across systems to find the content they need. The Corporate Content Cloud, on the other hand, allows organizations to connect all of their people, systems, and applications to the centralized, real-time data, assets, and information necessary to publish content with total accuracy and relevancy across all channels and devices.

According to e-Spirit, the Corporate Content Cloud, enabled by the FirstSpirit CMS, allows organizations to implement targeted omni-channel digital customer engagement programs that attract, engage, and retain loyal brand advocates who drive revenue and growth.