e-Spirit Introduces Next Generation Digital Experience Capabilities

Apr 30, 2018

e-Spirit introduced new capabilities of the FirstSpirit Digital Experience Platform (DXP). Innovations include the next generation of its omnichannel marketing capabilities featuring advancements for real-time omnichannel content delivery. Other notable advancements include Predictive Targeting, Natural Language Generation (NLG), and Shoppable Videos. These innovations help CMOs challenged with the delivery of omnichannel digital experiences to evolve their engagement strategies for a digital experience edge. Announcements include:

  • New cross phase omnichannel capabilities: e-Spirit introduced new capabilities to FirstSpirit Anywhere, which enables personalized digital experiences in real time via any channel at scale. Using the next generation of FirstSpirit CaaS, channel content can be delivered as-a-service to wherever it’s intended to go in milliseconds. Finally, advanced machine learning-based Predictive Targeting takes personalization to a new level by analyzing and optimizing the performance of each content variation across every channel in real time, helping marketers serve unmatched cross-phase personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey.
  • New content-driven e-commerce capabilities: e-Spirit added Shoppable Videos to its existing suite of retail-focused capabilities. Shoppable videos help retailers capitalize on the increased demand for video content by making videos more interactive and engaging with clickable links that allow customers to view product information and make a purchase.
  • New AI-driven content creation capabilities: e-Spirit introduced Natural Language Generation which automatically generates high-quality text – e-commerce product descriptions, promotional text, SEO-relevant descriptions, job descriptions, etc – at scale with limited human resources, greatly increasing productivity and time to market. This innovation is a result of a strategic partnership between Retresco GmbH and e-Spirit. With this partnership, e-Spirit is incorporating NLG into its DXP allowing customers to tap into the power of AI-driven content creation.