dtSearch Announces New 64-Bit Developer Products

May 09, 2008

dtSearch Corp., a supplier of enterprise and developer text retrieval software, announced extensions to its 64-bit developer product line. The 64-bit developer products provide full API access to dtSearch’s terabyte indexing and search capabilities, including over two dozen search options. The developer products also provide 64-bit API access to dtSearch’s proprietary file format and database support, with hit highlighting in all supported file types, and WYSIWYG hit-highlighted display of popular web-ready formats. Additionally, the products offer 64-bit access to dtSearch’s remote data spidering, covering static and dynamically-generated data on public and secure sites, with the same hit-highlighted display capabilities. The product line includes: a terabyte indexer, file parser/converters, spider, search options, dtSearch Web with Spider, dtSearch Engine, and other products.