dominKnow Announces Availability of LCMS 5.1

Dec 22, 2006

dominKnow Inc. has announced the availability of its LCMS 5.1, available as a hosted service, priced per seat. dominKnow LCMS 5.1 supports multiple episode podcasts. Developers can attach podcasts, netcasts, and audio transcriptions to supplement their courses--enabling disconnected or mobile on-the-go learning. Audio transcription is designed to ensure courses meet Section 508 accessibility requirements. Learners can subscribe to these podcasts through the dominKnow LCMS 5.1 system interface or other aggregators such as iTunes or Talkr.

dominKnow LCMS 5.1 customers can also export training content compatible with both SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004. The SCORM standard allows for plug-and-play interoperability and content reusability of elearning content. dominKnow LCMS 5.1 also supports the AICC's Package Exchange Notification Services (PENS) standard. PENS is an interoperability guideline that defines the interface between authoring tools and Learning Management System to automate the publishing and testing of learning materials accessed through LMS systems. dominKnow LCMS 5.1 also offers new advanced deployment features that include the ability to create surveys and attach them--along with polls--as presentation files in learning objects. Additionally, a new themes manager and theme-supported skin templates separate design from presentation.