Announces Beta Launch of New App

Dec 14, 2017

BEST PRACTICES SERIES announced that the beta release of its social animation app is now available on mobile devices to partnering artists, animators, press, social influencers, educators, digital marketers, autism community partners and to backers who signed up via crowdfunding campaigns.  

The app provides users with the ability to bring their drawings to life through easy yet powerful animation capabilities, allowing them to create custom animations in just seconds. Users can license and sell their illustrated objects, characters, and background scenes in the upcoming marketplace. The user experience, collaboration tools, and mobile access come together to give anyone with the app the ability to quickly create and share animated stories with their friends. 

Closed beta is available exclusively to its partners for the next 90 days, during which the team will monitor feedback, setting the direction for future enhancements. 

Key features of the beta release include that ability to: 

  • Create using digital brushes and shapes
  • Move and rotate objects by dragging your finger with simple 1-click animation 
  • Use Grouping, Layers, Color Palette, Transparency
  • Store in your gallery and export as animated GIFs 
  • Share on other social media sites
  • Access via iOS and Android mobile devices

The company plans for Open Beta release of the app in February of 2018. Upcoming features include: added brushes and effects, export to movie, bone-based animation, lip syncing, direct integrations with other platforms, and a marketplace to sell and license content between users.