askSam Systems and Quality Net Link Release Qsite

May 14, 2004

askSam Systems and Quality Net Link (QNL) have released Qsite, a Web-based service that is designed to allow users to create interactive Web sites and manage Web content. Qsites allow non-technical computer users to take advantage of the Web to disseminate information as well as communicate and collaborate with clients and coworkers. A hierarchical structure can be set up for a Web site, dividing content into logical sections and Qsite generates indexes of the documents in each section. Qsites also allow users to set up discussion forums, on-line polls, and email newsletters. Portions of a Qsite can be designated for public access and other portions can have access restricted to authorized users for internal discussions and planning.

Other features of Qsites include: Setup Wizard--allows anyone to setup an interactive Web site; Enter and Edit directly from the Browser--an integrated word processor lets users enter fonts, colors, graphics, tables, and hypertext links; Advanced Search Capabilities--users can search the entire content of your Qsite by: keyword or phrase, Boolean searches, wildcard searches, fuzzy searches, proximity searches, or case sensitive searches; Security and Permissions--Qsite is secured through user permissions and with 128 bit encryption; accessibility of information on a Qsite can be arranged per individual with user names and passwords. There is a free 30-day trial of Qsite available online with subscription as follows: one year subscription for $149 per month, two year subscription for $120 per month, and three year subscription for $109 per month.

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