aqfer Launches Marketplace, a Data Sharing Platform for Marketers

Mar 19, 2019

aqfer, the data-centric marketing architecture for next-generation solutions, announced the launch of aqfer Marketplace, a data sharing platform designed to help data owners drive greater value from their data and increase revenue by simplifying the process of sharing data and connecting partners directly to create new opportunities.

ShareThis, AirDXP, and additional data providers will serve as the inaugural aqfer Marketplace data partners for brand marketers. These data providers help marketers leverage premium data sources to validate and drive efficiency as well as leverage the aqfer Marketplace as a distribution channel for data sharing.

Data-driven marketing continues to grow in importance; however, many enterprises still haven’t taken ownership of their data and don’t understand how to manage data to support their overall business growth. The aqfer Marketplace helps marketers overcome these challenges by securely sharing their data directly with partners on the network. Key benefits include:

  • Sharing data efficiently and immediately without needing to move or load data or create additional pipelines
  • Providing real-time data that ensures data is never stale and is always available for partner use
  • Delivering lightweight and portable performance that eliminates the need for large file sharing, and removes the need for additional pixels and data syndication file formats
  • Enabling partners with data direct agreements at no additional cost
  • Allowing enterprises to control access to their data with granularity -- determining what is shared, with whom and the duration of time
  • Instilling enterprises with confidence and transparency to ensure their data is compliant with industry regulations

ShareThis, the Sharing Intelligence company, delivers independent consumer interest-and-intent data for targeting and analytics and will offer both their segment building capabilities as well as the full data feed via the platform. 

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