anacubis Delivers Desktop Tool

Sep 23, 2003

anacubis, a division of the i2 Group  a company specializing in visual analysis software for intelligence professionals has announced the immediate availability of the anacubis Desktop, a visual analysis tool for corporate intelligence. Based on technology used by law enforcement and intelligence organizations to reveal patterns and relationships buried in large collections of data, the anacubis Desktop consolidates key business information from commercial and proprietary sources into one application.

Designed to support information professionals in a number of markets, the anacubis Desktop can draw content from anacubis-enabled business information providers. Individual users can drag and drop information from other resources, as well as their own information, into the anacubis Desktop. The product reconciles the information to create one consolidated view of the subject matter. From there, the end user can search and filter information. Alternatively, users can expand a view to pull in more information from their sources.

Featues of anacubis Desktop include: Advanced search, link analysis, sort and filtering capability; Drag and drop anacubis Views, created within anacubis-enabled information providers, for further analysis; Document and sheet style Windows interface, enabling multiple views of the dataset; Visual and tabular (Excel style) view of data; Intelligent consolidation capability--automatic or manual merging of organization, person, and location data from different sources; Create new entities on a View and edit existing entity properties; Create custom entity types and attributes, specify visualization properties and save as a template; Multiple visual layouts; and Export and share analysis. The anacubis Desktop is available to download and purchase online from. A single user license is $1,500 including 12 months email support and product updates.

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