adjust Competition Report Takes a Look at "Zombie" Apps

Feb 03, 2015

adjust, an app analytics and attribution company, released a new "App Competition Retrospective Report" showing that competition for visibility in the app stores toughened severely throughout 2014. It says, 82.8% of all apps in the iOS App Store are "Zombie Apps", meaning they do not rank in the top lists and are effectively invisible in the app stores, up from 74% at the beginning of the year.

The number of Zombie Apps - those that are not visible in the app store - has almost doubled in 2014 from 657,778 in January to 1,136,501 in December. During this time, the App Store grew by 54.3%, increasing from 889,231 to 1,372,371. adjust continually monitors and calculates core app market health KPIs, presenting them on As the new year broke, the team produced a full review of international and regional app markets. That report is available for download.

Each of the 155 iOS country stores shows up to 300 placements in 23 different genres with 18 additional subgenres under games, with paid and free apps competing in different lists, meaning that there is a large amount of potential placements. An app that is not displayed in the rankings is only available to users searching for it specifically.