adNomus Releases a Suite of REST APIs to Power Real-time Content Analytics

Oct 24, 2017

A.I. startup adNomus is making its proprietary A.I. technology available for production use. According to adNomus, its suite of REST APIs solve the real-time content targeting and matching challenges needed to disrupt the online advertising, content recommendation, and contextual search industries.

adNomus has prioritized access to three of its most requested technologies for this release, which include Content Targeting, Content Relevance, and Content Search and Indexing.

  • Real-time Content Targeting API: This API is meant for companies that need to generate precise characterizations of their content. Many companies need to “target” their user-generated content to provide offerings that are relevant to the material their users read or contribute. For example, those interested in contextual advertising, and content characterization or organization would use adNomus’ Real-time Content Targeting API to receive precise targeting terms for their arbitrary content. The returned targeting terms are either generic English terms or belong to a set of terms provided by the user in the form of keywords, categories or short phrases.
  • Real-time Content Relevance API: This API is designed for scenarios where an organization needs to quantify the relevance between different content entries. As an example, with content recommendation services the objective is to provide users with extrinsic content that is relevant to what they read or write. Furthermore, service recommendation and discovery services that prompt users to listen to a song, attend an event, or buy a product, require the same type of analytics.
  • Real-time Content Search & Indexing API: This API is ideal for companies who demand quality search and indexing capabilities for diverse and multitudinous content. For example, modern web companies such as social media, e-commerce marketplaces, and data archives, require precise contextual search technologies that go far beyond keyword and pattern matching.


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