Zynga Builds Reward Advertising Into CityVille

Feb 03, 2012

Zynga, Inc. has introduced a "reward advertising" program to its metropolis-construction game, CityVille, where players can earn energy by interacting with a sponsor. The program, which rolled out in December, includes sponsors like The Coca-Cola Co., MasterCard, and the DVD release of What's Your Number?, a 20th Century Fox film.

When players get to a point in CityVille where they need more energy, some had the option of interacting with the advertisers in various ways. For example, players were required to watch the trailer of What's Your Number?, whereas MasterCard issued a short survey.

Zynga reportedly makes most of its revenue from purchases of virtual goods. The company is planning to roll this program out to FarmVille and Empire & Allies in coming weeks. Zynga's other forms of advertising include banner ads and branded integration.