Zynga Brings Words With Friends to Facebook

Aug 02, 2011

Game designer Zynga has taken one of its most popular mobile apps-Words With Friends, a two-player Scrabble-like game-and made it available on the Facebook platform. Best known for creating Angry Birds, Zynga created many games specifically for iOS and Android devices, including Words With Friends. With a larger user base on Facebook, Zynga has brought many of the games it originally launched on the Facebook platform to mobile devices, but this is the first time that it has launched one of its mobile apps on Facebook.

Zynga's most popular Facebook games include CityVille and FarmVille, which have been surprisingly profitable since users are willing to spend real money on virtual goods as part of the game. In the Facebook version of Words With Friends, players will be able to post updates of their scores on friends' Facebook walls, and players can also shift between the games on Facebook and their mobile devices.