ZyLAB and Ingeniux Announce Partnership

Aug 09, 2005

ZyLAB, a developer of document management and compliance solutions for paper intensive organizations, and Ingeniux, a provider of XML-based Web content management and publishing systems, have announced a partnership.

The Ingeniux Content Management System (CMS) provides a Web content management and publishing system for developing, managing, and deploying content throughout the enterprise. Ingeniux allows non-technical users to contribute to and manage the Web publishing process—providing Web publishers with extended capabilities and effective cost controls. ZyLAB offers solutions for archiving, searching, and retrieving information. The open technology and modular construction of ZyLAB's products enable customers like Montgomery County to configure solutions that fit their actual requirements and budgets. Montgomery County required a solution to manage its complex process of creating solicitations and RFPs. The county plans to implement ZyLAB's ZyIMAGE solution to store the solicitations once they are created. In addition, the County required an application on the front end for managing multiple contributors and providing structure and re-usability for content.

Ingeniux CMS provides the workflow features for managing multiple contributors in defined roles. Because it stores content as native XML, content can be structured and re-used in the system, allowing staff members to drag and drop legal boilerplate and compliance requirements into and between solicitation documents. Once the solicitation is completed, the CMS will output the XML as a Word document or PDF for publication to the Montgomery County procurement Web site for vendor download. Also at that point, the native XML document will automatically move into ZyIMAGE for archiving, and in the future, records management, where the documents can be organized, searched, and retrieved.

(www.ingeniux.com; www.zylab.com)