ZyLAB Leverages XML to Enhance Archival Product Suite

Mar 11, 2003


ZyLAB, a developer of document imaging and full-text retrieval software, has announced that it has enhanced its ZyIMAGE data storage and records management & archival product suite by incorporating XML as the data format employed to store scanned and electronic documents. A key driver to incorporating XML data formats is to help ZyLAB customers better adhere to corporate governance legislation such as Sarbanes Oxley, which is designed to ensure organizations have clear policies, proper records management systems, and adequate audit trails for its enterprise-wide information. XML enables users to handle documents as separate files while also treating the information in the document as if it is stored in a database record. ZyLAB believes that incorporating XML allows information to be stored more efficiently than by storing unstructured data such as large text files, audio, video, and other information in traditional relational database systems.