ZoomInfo Releases App for Salesforce.com

Sep 17, 2012

With a click, users of Salesforce.com can now instantly update data in their accounts, contacts and leads with just-verified information from ZoomInfo's profiles of 65 million businesspeople and six million businesses. With the new ZoomInfo for Salesforce app, a ZoomInfo panel is added to a Salesforce.com user's accounts, contacts and leads pages. The panel highlights data available from ZoomInfo that is more recent than - or missing from - the existing record in Salesforce.com. Additionally, a user can instantly find other contacts at a prospect's company without ever having to leave Salesforce.com.

ZoomInfo's engineers collaborated with the company's own salespeople to create the app and assure that it fits seamlessly into their workflows without requiring additional training. Members of the sales team at FLUID Inc. were among Salesforce.com users who tested a pre-release version of ZoomInfo for Salesforce.