Zinio Systems Launches Rich Media Version of Reader

Apr 22, 2003

Zinio Systems, Inc. has launched the Zinio Reader 1.4, designed to enhance interactivity with digital magazines through animation, video, and sound. As part of the launch, digital issues of Design News will include rich media in its editorial content, as well as in advertisements, including multimedia in the news and features sections. Zinio currently delivers more than 50 titles, including BusinessWeek, Motor Trend, Harvard Business Review, and PC Magazine from 30 publishers. Major partners include McGraw-Hill, Primedia, Technology Review Inc., Ziff-Davis, Reed Business Information and IDG. The rich media enabled Zinio Reader 1.4 supports the following assets from any page in a digital magazine: Animated GIFs; Macromedia Flash 5/6; Video (MPEG1, MPEG2, QuickTime 5/6 (.MOV), Windows Media Video (.WMV, .AVI)); Streaming video via Web browser; and Audio (MP3, Windows Media Audio (.WMA, .AVI)). Rich media can be embedded by the publisher within digital magazines in one of two interactive modes, auto-play and manual-play. Auto-play media plays automatically when the reader turns to the page and is best suited for animations, or short video and short audio. When a page containing a manual-play media asset is displayed, the Zinio rich media icon flashes three times to alert the reader that interactivity is available, and then disappears to leave the original look and feel of the magazine intact. The icon reappears if the reader rolls over the media with the mouse or zooms in/out. Publishers use manual-play mode for interactive media, such as Flash, or long-playing video and audio clips and it brings these elements to digital magazines without altering the look and feel of the magazine page.