Zinio Announces Launch of Global Newsstand and International Marketing Partnership

Feb 26, 2008

Zinio has announced two initiatives: the launch of an online Global Newsstand and a partnership spanning Europe and Latin America with Acceso Group, a company part-owned by both Havas Media and ISP. The online publishing, distribution and retail services company’s new global initiative provides publishers increased reach and introduces more variety for consumers with an expanded selection of magazine titles and a choice between online or offline reading capabilities. Zinio's Global Newsstand offers magazine publishers the ability to circulate their publications worldwide, a task previously limited by constraints of print costs, distribution, and inventory. Today, more than 850 digital consumer magazine titles actively sell and deploy their content online in multiple languages, across more than 200 countries, using Zinio's platform. Zinio aims to expand that number to more than 2,000 titles within the year by collaborating with Havas Media global network. Zinio expects to further expand its organically developed international footprint across countries in Europe and Latin America by partnering with Acceso Group and collectively with Havas Media. For the publishing and advertising industries, this media collaboration offers new digital opportunities for global export and interactivity.