Zimmerman's Research Guide Available through LexisNexis InfoPro, lexisONER

Nov 21, 2003

LexisNexis U.S., a provider of legal, news and business information services, has announced that Zimmerman's Research Guide is now available to librarians and other researchers exclusively through the LexisNexis InfoPro Web site and through the lexisONER portal for solo and small-firm attorneys. Zimmerman's Research Guide is a listing of legal, business, and other information sources designed to help researchers get to the answer of a research question. Developed by a researcher for researchers, the Guide contains more than 1,000 subject headings that are continually updated by librarian Andrew Zimmerman. It covers a variety of information formats, publishers and providers, and helps researchers determine what to do next, no matter where they are in their research. Each entry in the Zimmerman's Research Guide is designed to tell researchers what they need to know and where to find it, along with some basic background information to get researchers up-to speed on the subject and on the right track.

(http://www.lexisnexis.com), (http://www.lexisnexis.com/infopro), (http://www.lexisone.com)