Zi Unveils Predictive Text Solution

Feb 14, 2006

Zi Corporation, a provider of intelligent interface solutions, has announced the release of eZiType, a comprehensive predictive text entry product for mobile email users. eZiType was designed to improve the mobile email user's text entry experience by enhancing typing speed and spelling accuracy.

eZiType is specifically designed to alleviate text input challenges on mobile email devices, such as slowed input, spelling errors due to double-key presses and bumpy on-the-go environments that make accurate typing difficult. eZiType features an auto-correction feature that automatically identifies misspelled words and offers corrected word suggestions for selection. In addition, eZiType offers Zi's predictive text technology.

Zi's multi-modal text input portfolio enables a consistent user interface among input modes. eZiType is designed to work with Zi's family of text input products, including Zi's eZiText one-touch keypad prediction, eZiTap multi-tap keypad prediction, and Decuma predictive handwriting for pen-input. eZiType can be implemented on any configuration of keyboard, including virtual keyboards, hardware QWERTY keyboards, other language keyboards and even 'rocker-style' designs. eZiType offers smart punctuation, phrase and next word prediction, multi-candidate display, and dual language messaging. eZiType also learns usage patterns, enabling users to personalize their devices.