ZapThink Finds Native XML Data Storage Evolving

Dec 17, 2002

The XML Data Store market no longer exists as a separate market, concludes a recently conducted major study of XML data store solutions by ZapThink, LLC, an analyst firm focused on XML and Web Services. The study, which covers XML data store vendors and XML-enabled relational database (RDBMS) vendors, finds that the XML data storage market currently consists of two segments: general-purpose XML data storage and purpose-built XML data storage. ZapThink concludes that RDBMS, content management, and integration vendors are best suited to offer general-purpose XML data store solutions, while XML data store pure-plays are offering increasingly focused, purpose-built XML data storage solutions. The study is structured into two parts: one that discusses the requirements for XML storage and the directions that the market is heading, and one that profiles specific solutions and how they meet those requirements. This study discusses the requirements for XML storage and analyzes each profiled vendor's solutions and how they meet those requirements. The study covers the major adoption issues surrounding XML data stores and profiles four key vendors in the XML data store market: AGiLiENCE, Sybase, NeoCore, and Xyleme. The report also discusses the overall XML data store market including: Agilience, B-Bop, Birdstep, Coherity, eXcelon, IBM, Ipedo, IXIASoft, Microsoft, Neocore, Oracle, Progress Software, Sybase, Software AG, TeraText, X-Hive, Xyleme, and XYZFind. An executive summary of the report and purchasing information is available at the ZapThink Web site.