Yudu Examines Interaction with iPhone and iPad

May 19, 2011

Digital publishing company YUDU Media published its latest quarterly report examining how users interact with reader Apps for the iPad and iPhone. The report is based on an analysis of 80 branded reader Apps that YUDU developed for customers, including Reader's Digest, UK, Newsmax Magazine, US Tech, The College Journal, and Runway Magazine.

Highlights of the report include the fact that 40 percent of people who download reader Apps opt-in to share their contact details with publishers, as well as statistics showing that magazine apps showed a 64 percent return rate, meaning 64 percent of readers returned to the app after their initial visit. On average, readers returned to their magazine apps 3.7 times. In addition, the overall volume of reader App downloads is increasing at an even faster pace than Apple device sales.

The full report can be downloaded at www.yudupro.com/yudureport, and it is also available within the YUDU Media App available at the App Store.