YourAmigo Reports First Profitable Month

Feb 28, 2003

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YourAmigo, an enterprise search and retrieval products provider, has reported its first profitable month. They had not expected to deliver a profitable month until the end of 2003. YourAmigo sells enterprise search and search related software products for searching large corporate intranets, ecommerce sites, and Web portals. YourAmigo uses a content discovery technology that allows it to index more data including unlinked documents and dynamically-created pages from databases. These dynamic pages include intranet interface pages, which typically draw data from multiple back-end databases to present the information in a consolidated form. These pages often hold crucial corporate knowledge but can not be indexed (or therefore searched) by traditional search engines. YourAmigo has developed three search-related products: YourAmigo Enterprise Search--for searching all content on a Web site and/or Intranet, including dynamic pages and numerous document formats; YourAmigo Portal Search--for simultaneously searching a number of related Web sites through one portal Web site; YourAmigo Spider Linker--may be installed on a Web site to make all content, including invisible parts, visible to the existing Internet search engine spiders (Google, Alta Vista, FAST, etc.).