YouGov Survey Finds Large Ecosystem of Consumers Who Use Ad Blockers But Allow Certain Ads 

Aug 06, 2019


eyeo, makers of Adblock Plus, Flattr and Trusted News, announced the results of a US Ad Blocking Usage Report survey conducted by YouGov that finds a forgotten ecosystem of ad block users exists who actually view specific ads they feel are acceptable. This large segment of consumers (officially described as those that filter ads vs. blocking all ads), previously considered by publishers to be lost to ad blockers, can be reached after all, according to survey findings. 

The survey of over 2,500 U.S. consumers was sponsored by eyeo to provide an unbiased analysis of consumer attitudes toward online advertisements and feelings of responsibility around watching ads that help fund publishers and websites because they are in turn able to view free content.

The survey demonstrates that this new ad filtering ecosystem segment is attainable so long as advertisers and publishers address them with user-consented ads. In addition, the survey found that circumvention and other techniques used to trick this audience do not work.

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