YouAppi's OneRun Mobile Growth Platform Now Offers Solution to Identify and Tackle Mobile User Acquisition Fraud

Aug 23, 2016

YouAppi, a mobile growth platform for premium mobile brands has incorporated anti-fraud measures into the OneRun Growth Marketing Platform to detect and prevent illicit activity. With the cost of ad fraud (including both mobile and desktop) rising from $7.2 billion now to at least $50 billion by 2025, according to a report by The World Federation of Advertisers, YouAppi is releasing the following capabilities in its OneRun Platform to identify and block fraud protection solutions:

  • IP Blacklisting: YouAppi monitors IP blacklists that are updated in real-time to ensure that it's not purchasing traffic from any blacklisted source. Questionable sources of traffic are adept at changing their IP addresses quickly so OneRun's service is monitored in real-time.
  • Click Validity Analysis: Using the industry's best practices, YouAppi's data scientists run click validity analyses to ensure that the sources of the clicks are real people and not bots or other malicious sources.
  • Users Multiple Clicks Analysis: YouAppi's data scientists monitor user click patterns, looking for multiple users on the same IP address and multiple clicks on ads or elsewhere within a short period of time to detect signs of malicious downloads
  • Hourly Install and Conversion Analysis:One traffic source should be generating consistent patterns of app installs and conversions, so OneRun detects inconsistent patterns and alerts YouAppi's data scientists to further examine that source of traffic.
  • Click-to-Install Delay Analysis:Over 90 percent of installs occur within the first four hours, so YouAppi's data scientists use click-to-install delay analysis to screen fraudulent mobile downloads.
  • Continuous Automated App Scanning: YouAppi has developed an App Scanning Lab to monitor and test app usage patterns, downloads and installs.