YouAppi Expands 360 Platform To Include A Private Marketplace, Native In-App Video Ads, In-App Playable Ads And Connected TV Ads

Oct 23, 2018

YouAppi, a growth marketing platform for premium mobile brands, announced the expansion of its video platform to include connected TV, playable ads, native video ads, and an exclusive private marketplace (PMP). The expansion is in direct response to increased demand from global brands to incorporate trusted, safe videos through an easy-to-use, integrated platform. Video is a burgeoning segment of mobile advertising, with 93% of marketers expecting it to continue to grow in importance and 20% planning to add it holiday campaigns this year.

Through its 360 Platform, YouAppi provides global reach into all major video digital channels, simplifying the complex landscape while prioritizing a brand-safe environment. Access to direct video, alongside programmatic operations, enables YouAppi to empower trading desks, agencies, and brand marketers alike with premium ad locations, proprietary monetization tools and data-driven ad technology formulated from 66 unique parameters on over two billion individual users around the world.

YouAppi’s comprehensive brand video capabilities include interstitial, rewarded, pre-roll and in-banner options, with a hyper-focus on brand safety and compliance. Partnerships with Moat, Fraudlogix, and Pixalate ensure the highest standards of brand safety and protection, and YouAppi’s platform is GDPR, COPPA, IAB and MRC compliant.

YouAppi customers can now take advantage of additional video capabilities on the 360 Platform, including: 

  • Private Marketplace (PMP): The YouAppi PMP delivers a transparent buying experience for brand and publisher alike, ensuring complete ad integrity through a clear understanding of where ads will publish and when.
  • Native In-App Video Ads: YouAppi makes it easy for brands to create native video experiences through its comprehensive SDK, formatted specifically for each operating system..
  • Playable In-App Ads: Playable ads allow users to engage with video, typically to play a micro game. YouAppi uses playable ads to help its brand partners share the best of their mobile game to highly targeted, potential users, encouraging them to engage and subsequently download the app.
  • Connected TV: YouAppi allows brands to increase reach and reduce friction between mobile and traditional television viewing through its fully GDPR-compliant Software Development Kit (SDK). Brands can access premium direct, brand-safe, inventory at scale, targeting users with 66 unique data points and delivering guaranteed viewability and completion rates.

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