Yankee Group Report Examines Enterprise Instant Messaging Alternatives

Mar 14, 2003


Research firm, the Yankee Group, has analyzed three instant messaging solutions and released recommendations in an effort to help businesses avoid critical and costly mistakes. The Yankee Group report, "Vendors Race to Get a Piece of the Enterprise IM Market," advises that corporate strategies must address EIM use both internally among employees and externally with customers and business partners. When deploying IM, enterprises have three models to consider: a public IM network, a proprietary hosted IM solution, or an enterprise server IM solution. In late 2002, six firms announced new enterprise instant messaging (EIM) products or significant upgrades: AOL, IBM/Lotus, Microsoft, Reuters, Yahoo!, and Oracle. Such competition in the enterprise IM space brings new options to companies, but does not make for easy decisions. Yankee Group expects that IM usage within enterprises will not only continue, but will heighten in the near future, and they advise companies not to block all forms of IM, nor to doing nothing to supervise or regulate the use of instant messaging.