Yahoo! Launches New Product Suite

Jan 10, 2006

Yahoo! Inc., a global Internet company, has announced the launch of Yahoo! Go, a new suite of products designed to extend the company's reach beyond the Web browser. Yahoo! Go services will allow a consumer to take a photo with their camera phone and instantly view it on their computer, television, or mobile phone through Yahoo! Photos. Yahoo! Go Mobile integrates the Internet into the mobile phone experience. The new service is designed to combine real-time connectivity with community, information, and content services from across the Web. Yahoo! Go Mobile also integrates the company's communications services with the phone's built-in email, messaging, address book, and calendar applications. Yahoo! Go Mobile will be available to consumers in select markets in the coming weeks.

Yahoo! Go TV will deliver the Internet to the PC-connected television. Yahoo! will also look to make the company's music offerings available through this new service. Yahoo! Go TV can improve the ability for consumers to navigate and find content on their television. Consumers will be able to use their remote control to see what's playing at their local theater or share pictures from a recent vacation with friends, on their television screen. The company expects to launch Yahoo! Go TV services in the coming months.

Yahoo! Go Desktop is a suite of applications designed to allow consumers to keep up-to-date on and interact with information. Consumers will be able to use the individual Yahoo! Go Desktop services to connect to the information online, without having to open a browser window on their personal computer. The initial services available as part of Yahoo! Go Desktop will be the Yahoo! Widgets Engine and a Yahoo! Go Desktop dashboard. The Yahoo! Go Desktop dashboard will connect consumers' personal content to their services and their Internet community. Consumers will be able to link their personal contacts to Yahoo! Local. The Yahoo! Widget Engine is an application that allows light-weight files called "Widgets" to live directly on a user's desktop and perform a variety of tasks, such as checking for wi-fi presence or strength, finding contacts in an address book, viewing a user's calendar, or checking their latest email. Widgets are built on an open platform, which allows any third party developer to build and distribute their own widgets. There are more than 1,500 Widgets available and the company expects to make the Yahoo! Go Desktop dashboard available in the coming months.