Yahoo! Announces New Versions of Mail, Messenger, and Search

Aug 28, 2009

Yahoo! has revealed new versions of its Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger programs and is testing a new Yahoo! Search results page. By overhauling three of its biggest services, Yahoo! aims to insert itself into the center of most people's online lives. Yahoo! Mail will now feature a more streamlined design, a 25MB attachment limit (up from 10), drag-and-drop photo sharing, social networking features, and a host of new apps from sites like Flickr and PayPal. Yahoo! has also released an on-the-go version for mobile phones.

Yahoo! Messenger's new bells and whistles include a redesigned and more customizable Yahoo! Insider, an updates tab, a language selector that offers 16 different options within the single version, and a video chat option. The new Messenger also has an eye toward mobile functionality with a new iPhone app.

Finally, the remade Yahoo! Search features intelligent search results, new filtering options, and easier access to security controls, and the expansion of Yahoo!'s query suggestion program, Search Assist.