Yahoo! Acquires Oddpost

Jul 13, 2004

Oddpost has announced that they have been acquired by Yahoo!. plans to continue operation with no interruption in service. The company plans to allow current users to retain their Oddpost email addresses, although details have not yet been worked out. Oddpost will also continue to provide customer support for current Oddpost accounts, but will not be accepting new subscribers. No financial details of the acquisition have been released.

Oddpost has also announced plans to work on a new, advanced Yahoo! Mail product that is designed to combine Oddpost's Web application technology with the Yahoo! Mail service. When the product is complete, Oddpost plans to migrate current users to it and will be extending current subscriptions for free until that time comes. According to Oddpost, after the migration users will receive an additional free year of premium Yahoo! Mail service including two gigabytes of storage, SpamGuard Plus, and advanced virus protection. A release date for the new service has not yet been released.