Yahoo! 360 to Shut Down

Jun 02, 2009

On July 13, 2009 Yahoo! 360 will be closing down. Users will be asked to move into their new profile on Yahoo! by July 12, 2009. Yahoo! has announced a new blogging feature that has already been integrated into user profiles. With the new profile on Yahoo! users will be able to connect with other people on Yahoo! and share updates and activity with the people they meet on the web. Two options have been created for user blogs. Yahoo! has created an all new blogging tool that will let users post content and also allows them to integrate photos right from Flickr. Once an entry is created, the post is automatically pushed out in updates stream to user connections. Second, users have the ability to export their blog and content to any of the supported blogging systems (WordPress, Blogger, and MoveableType). Yahoo! will generate an archive with all user entries and photos and will send them a link to download the archive.