YBP Library Services to Distribute EBL to Academic Libraries

Dec 05, 2006

YBP Library Services, a provider of materials to academic libraries, has announced plans to market a collection of ebooks in partnership with EBL, a division of Ebooks Corporation Limited, an Australian public company. Slated for launch in the first half of 2007, the deal will make EBL's list of over 40,000 ebook titles available to YBP's library customers around the world.

With EBL's lending method, libraries have the ability to lend the same ebook to multiple patrons simultaneously, and pay no more than the ebook list price. EBL enables a library to ‘rent' an ebook to satisfy a patron request, without having to pay full price or to wait for an inter-library loan. The system allows ‘virtual photocopying' and other features to benefit from digital books. EBL recently launched its "demand-driven acquisition" model that enables a library to display a range of titles to its patrons, while having to pay for the books that are actually used.

Under the agreement, YBP will add EBL's range of ebooks to its GOBI online database, enabling YBP's librarian customers to view and select ebooks alongside printed books, with no changes to the library's existing workflow.