Xythos Upgrades Online Document Management

Jul 17, 2007

Xythos Software has announced the release of Xythos on Demand, its online document management service. The upgraded service is designed with additional collaborative features such as Wikis and support for RSS feeds. New Features and Benefits of Xythos on Demand: Customizable File Manager--Lets users easily organize and see key Features; Folder Creation Wizards--Helps automate setting document access controls; RSS Support--Provides readers with updates to documents; Right-click Web Menus--Delivers familiar desktop menus on the web; Wiki Support (beta)--Supports contextual discussion around documents. The features of Xythos on Demand include support for Wikis and RSS feeds, designed to distribute and collaborate on documents. Configurable file managers and folder creation wizards are designed for businesses to consolidate and organize their documents on the web. New Ajax based menu options have been desgined to expand the service’s desktop behaviors even when users only have browser access to the service.