Xythos Software Supports Oracle Application Server 10g; Percussion Selects Oracle Application Server 10g As Rhythmyx Delivery Platform

Sep 16, 2003


Xythos Software, a developer of Internet file management software and member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, has announced that its WebFile Client will support Oracle Application Server 10g, a middleware offering intended to simplify the management of applications running in a grid computing environment.

Together, the products are designed to help simplify the process of publishing and managing any type of content by leveraging the Internet WebDAV standard and exposing the portal content management features of Oracle Application Server 10g directly within the Windows Explorer desktop environment. Users can edit and publish content and associated metadata, version files, and set access controls directly from their preferred desktop applications, helping to simplify the publishing process.

In addition to providing WebDAV enabled access from any Windows application to the Oracle Application Server 10g, the WebFile Client also introduces offline file synchronization, helping address the needs of traveling or disconnected portal contributors. The WebFile Client for Oracle Application Server 10g is expected to be commercially available beginning in October 2003.

Percussion Software, an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendor and a member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork, has chosen Oracle Application Server 10g as a strategic platform for its Rhythmyx 5 ECM system. The combination of Rhythmyx 5 and Oracle Application Server 10g is intended to addresses enterprises' need for flexible content management solutions that facilitate content reuse across multiple delivery channels, including Web sites, enterprise portals, and Internet and other enterprise applications.  

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