XyEnterprise and SDL Offer Content and Translation Management Solutions

May 27, 2005

XyEnterprise, a developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing solutions, and SDL International, a provider of translation technology and services, have announced the availability of the Content Translation Solution with SDL. This new offering integrates XyEnterprise's Content@( content management software with the SDL Translation Management System (TMS) to provide an end-to-end solution for content creation, management, translation, and delivery.

The Content@ Translation Solution with SDL is designed to enable users to: Manage the content authoring and editorial processes under full workflow control in Content@ based on reusable, sharable information components; understand what has changed and what impact the changes have across products and deliverables that share this conteny; sutomatically track any and all language variants that exist or should exist for any content component or document in the integrated system; feliver changed content to the SDL Translation Management System; provide real-time feedback and version control on work in progress at any stage in the workflow, and store and manage approved data in all languages for multi-channel delivery in current or future publications or deliverables.

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