XyEnterprise and NGRAIN Form Strategic Partnership

Nov 30, 2007

November 27, 2007

XyEnterprise, a developer ofXML content management and multi-channel delivery solutions, and NGRAIN, aprovider of 3D performance support solutions, announced a strategic partnershipto provide an integrated rich media delivery solution which combinesXyEnterprise’s ContentaView with NGRAIN’s interactive 3D equipment simulations.Together, the solution is designed to enhance learning, reduce error frequencyand associated costs, improve user performance by accelerating equipment andtask familiarization, and allow end users to practice procedures within thesimulation.

ContentaView is an intelligentinformation delivery software for interactive, textual and multimedia contentthat is delivered via web, DVD/CD-ROM or any handheld device. Often referred toas an IETM (Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals) in aerospace and defense,ContentaView supports virtually any structured document type, including S1000Dand DITA. In addition, ContentaView's highly flexible design allows it totailor its appearance to a user’s needs, and to provide intelligent linking andsearching to help users quickly find specific information. NGRAIN’s solutionsenable users to create, explore and interact with 3D models of complexequipment, allowing content to be easily embedded in training materials,technical documents, and performance support applications. NGRAIN providesusers with an intuitive, 3D interface to equipment information which ultimatelyincreases the availability and reliability of information. Its tools arespecifically designed to empower subject matter experts to quickly create anddeploy 3D equipment simulations, reducing the time and cost of contentcreation.