XyEnterprise and Blast Radius Announce Partnership

Nov 01, 2005

XyEnterprise, a provider of XML content management and enterprise publishing solutions, and Blast Radius Inc., a provider of XML content creation and collaboration solutions, have announced a partnership that integrates Blast Radius XMetaL DITA Edition into XyEnterprise's flagship content management system, Content@. Content@ supports both content creation and management using the Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA), a new OASIS standard for authoring topic-oriented content in XML.

XMetaL Author DITA Edition is a solution for authoring and publishing content using DITA. Featuring a rich topic-oriented authoring environment, the DITA Edition enables authors to deliver XML content. The new product includes Natural Structured Authoring, a user environment designed to reduce authoring tasks into simple steps, as well as a visual map editor, reusable components, and support for single-source publishing. Content@ 3.2 is a flexible content management system that gives content authors the ability to manage repositories of topics. Content creators can find related topics that they want to reuse or refer to in their writing, track and review changes in progress, shield changes from those who want to see only approved and published data, and participate in an automated workflow based on their role and responsibility.

(www.xyenterprise.com; www.blastradius.com)