XyEnterprise Announces Web Services Development Kit for XML Publishing

Mar 21, 2003


XyEnterprise, a developer of XML content management and enterprise publishing software, has announced a new Web Services Development Kit for its XML Professional Publisher (XPP) software line. This new Web Services interface makes available the XML publishing capabilities of XPP to Web interfaces, portals, and application integrations, providing rapid deployment of automated XML publishing solutions. The new XPP software Web Services offering uses a SOAP/XML interface and provides standards-based composition, transformation, and rendering capabilities. Web Services also supports the growing deployment of XPP as an embedded batch processing engine able to transform XML content to PDF, print, and Web output on demand. XPP Web Services extends the "autoprocessing" model to deliver electronic and print publications. End users and their customers will have the ability to connect remotely to trigger and monitor complex publishing events. Examples of the potential application of XPP Web Services include: dynamic content assembly and publishing from a Web CMS; remote creation and publishing of customized and localized product documentation; commercial publishing interaction through Web interfaces; catalog production with dynamic database integration; and IT server-based processing of XML to PDF in applications. XPP Web Services are offered as an add-on to the existing line of XPP software.

(http://www.xyenterprise.com), (http://www.xyenterpriseevents.webex.com)