XpertUniverse Launches XpertSHARE Portlet for Websphere

Jan 25, 2005


XpertUniverse, an Advanced Industry Optimized IBM Business Partner, has announced the launch of the XpertSHARE portlet for WebSphere. This is designed to allow the XpertSHARE expert location, live collaboration, and business intelligence solution to be accessed through WebSphere portal software. XpertSHARE is designed to enable companies to systematically deliver human expertise to employees, customers, and partners across organizational and geographic boundaries. The XpertSHARE portlet is a pluggable user interface component that serves as a presentation layer for the XpertSHARE information network. This feature enables WebSphere customers to integrate the advanced functionality of XpertSHARE into their networks, permitting users on-demand access to industry or issue-specific experts by means of a rich online collaborative environment. Used alone, or in conjunction with other IBM software solutions, XpertSHARE addresses the problem of information sharing that troubles many large, geographically dispersed organizations. XpertSHARE creates value by making the search for and exchange of tacit information fast and precise.