Xojo Promises Faster Development for the Web and Desktop

Jun 04, 2013

Xojo, Inc. announced the immediate availability of Xojo 2013 Release 1, which it bills as a faster development tool for web and desktop apps. Xojo is a cross-platform, object-oriented software development tool that enables developers of all backgrounds to create applications for the desktop (OS X, Windows, and Linux), web and soon, mobile.

Using Xojo, developers can drag and drop the user interface and use one programming language to implement the functionality of their app. On both the desktop and the web, the developer is abstracted from the specific platform details, letting them focus on what makes the application unique. More specifically, on the desktop, developers can experience true cross-platform development in that they can create their app on OS X and deliver it to Windows users.

Using Xojo, developers create web applications in the same way and with the same language they use to create desktop applications resulting in faster development.