Xiotech Introduces System to Proactively Manage Information Risk

Jun 11, 2007

Xiotech Corporation has introduced a system that proactively captures, classifies, manages, and controls the thousands of electronic files organizations generate that can potentially become evidence in a legal or compliance action. Xiotech CEMS addresses legal, regulatory, governance, and business continuity risks by proactively detecting incidents so organizations can manage potential issues as they occur. CEMS Version 1, currently available, supports email messages and 390 attachment file types, as well as the bulk import of electronic documents. Upcoming releases can extend CEMS information risk management benefits to additional information sources.

CEMS, which stands for Corporate Evidence Management System, provides executives, compliance officers, records and IT managers, and legal counsel with an information risk management system that transparently captures and controls electronic business information as it is authored and routed across an organization. Once information is captured, CEMS inspects each document and provides policy-based, automated classification, based on retention, destruction, and regulatory compliance requirements. A copy of each document is then saved in the CEMS repository. Every document captured in CEMS is treated as if it were a business record and potential legal evidence. Specifically, notifications can be sent to designated individuals for any email or document, which violates a policy defined in CEMS. Once notified, CEMS users can immediately access the offending document and accelerate into incident investigation and resolution using CEMS incident management tools.

Xiotech offers CEMS in a range of configurations as pre-packaged appliances. The smallest system has capacity to store approximately 2 terabytes of captured documents and is designed for organizations that generate less than 10,000 electronic documents per day on average. The largest size is configured to store approximately 6 terabytes, and handles between 40,000 and 80,000 documents a day, with deduplication functionality designed to help minimize the amount of redundant information stored. CEMS capacities are upgradeable to accommodate increased demands and the CEMS appliance-based packaging model includes integrated consulting and initial implementation services. All sales, implementation, and support services for CEMS will be provided by Xiotech. Pricing for a CEMS solution starts at approximately $245,000 and includes a rapid implementation assessment by Xiotech’s Business Consulting Group, all implementation costs, the CEMS appliance with integrated storage, and support services.