XinXii Platform Now Available in French and English

Oct 01, 2010

The online platform, a major played in the German-language internet publishing and marketing sphere, is expanding into its neighboring European countries and is now also offering its service of Internet-based publishing and marketing of self-written texts, documents, and e-books in English and French.

All features are fully available in both languages. The platform allows authors to upload their work, assign it to the appropriate category along with information about the title, description, author, and sales price, then make the texts for buyers' immediate download. Purchases can now be made in British pounds and US dollars, in addition to euros. Users of all three language versions will also have access to the automated ordering and payment system.

The German site already offers around 10,000 texts, documents, and e-books for downloading; and the company expects content on the English and French sites to grow rapidly. Site visitors can use the language setting or the search function to filter content in the various languages that are offered.