Xillio Launches Cloud-Based Developer API for Content Integration

Nov 21, 2017


Xillio, specialist of content migration and integration, announces the launch of its cloud-based API for content integration services. With this API, developers can quickly and easily access a multitude of content repositories and applications or build functionality that provides users efficient access to the right content. This enables users to create or adjust content without having to switch between different applications. Xillio targets this API at developers at software vendors, system integrators, and end-user organizations.


The Xillio API says it is simple and intuitive to use, supports most known content repositories and saves developers a significant amount of time. Without this uniform API, developers must learn various APIs of multiple content repositories to build integrations. Xillio provides one unified content model to which all content meta-data of the integrated content systems are mapped. The uniform API and uniform content model makes integration extremely fast and straightforward. Xillio simplifies the exchange of content and allows organizations to use additional content services to enrich content with additional meta information.


The Xillio engine says it supports the most widely known content repositories with its connectors. Currently there are connectors to SharePoint, Office365, Adobe Experience Manager, Alfresco, FileNet, GitHub, Zendesk, Drupal, Hadoop, Elastic, Hippo, Wordpress, Documentum, Box, Confluence, Umbraco, Liferay, Dropbox, Egnyte and File Shares.