XanEdu Launches Improvements to Control Center

May 30, 2006

XanEdu Custom Publishing, part of National Archive Publishing Company, has announced new features that will debut in its upcoming release of the CoursePack Control Center. The new release is scheduled to launch on June 3. The CoursePack Control Center is an exclusive feature available to XanEdu customers. Using the CoursePack Control Center (or "My XanEdu" for faculty users), bookstore administrators and faculty can track the progress of a coursepack, from ordering to delivery, including status of copyright clearance and shipping. XanEdu offers 24/7 online access to information about coursepack status.

Enhancements to the existing interface, include: "Click reduction," a streamlined site designed to minimize number of clicks required to access information; Context-sensitive help; Enhanced speed throughout the site, to ensure access to information; More detail about the status of copyright clearance (For bookstore users, the site also provides more details about order returns and credits.); Improved order functionality for bookstore users; Direct access to the account manager, so that users get additional information from the team that knows their packs best; and other enhancements to improve functionality and usability.

(www.xanedu.com; www.napubco.com)