XTM International Announces XTM Version 8.0

Nov 19, 2013

XTM International, a provider of web-based translation technology, has released XTM Version 8.0. Incorporating many features requested by its users, Version 8.0 provides customers with an even more powerful computer aided translation (CAT) tool and translation management system (TMS).

XTM Version 8.0 has made the workflow module more flexible and given project managers greater control. Administrators can now define additional non-CAT tool process such as desktop publishing, or a management process such as printing or approving costs. Using any of the available steps, project managers can create their own customized workflow definitions.

The new cost modeling feature includes supplier and vendor rate cards. Once a vendor has been allocated to a task in the workflow, these rate cards are used to automatically calculate the cost and margin of the project. The use of Translation Memory has also been improved so users maximize the use of their existing TM assets.